WORK in Hong Kong ! Gain your Experiences & make a living !


TOUR Hong Kong and enjoy the culture and food !


STUDY a language when you are here and surprise your friends !

Services Provided By Us....

Whether you are travelling to Hong Kong for work, tour or study – we help arrange: Work Experience , Volunteering, Gap Year Opportunities, Industrial Placement, for students from 18 – 30 to gain their learning experiences in Hong Kong.


Mostly Paid positions. Some may be unpaid such as Volunteering, NGO. You got a choice. Students are expected to work and companies are offering training and gaining experience in their choice of major.


Our job opportunities are aimed at students and graduates taking time off to travel and work between jobs ; you get to travel abroad and usually from 2 – 12 months.



There is No upfront payment required.



Once we have found the placement for you, we will guide you through your interview process, help follow up your visa application, arrange accommodations and airport stop pick up and bring you to the apartment. We do the rest for you and making sure you have a place to stay before you pack your bags and start your wonderful journey here in Hong Kong.



The only thing you need to pay is your own air ticket to Hong Kong, food, local transportation and some pocket money of course and your placement housing as well.
This is a No frills opportunity where we do all the work for you so you, as a student, can gain all the training experiences.



Residents of the following countries can work, study and visit Hong Kong

---3 months with 1 employer: Australia | Canada | Germany | Ireland | Japan | New Zealand

---6 months with 1 employer: Austria | France | Korea

---12 months with 1 employer: United Kingdom



For others nationalities that are not mentioned above, do email us.



Being in Hong Kong will feel like one long holiday.


Are you aged between 18 and 30. You must have enough money to support yourself. If you are over 30, is ok, do email us and we will still try to help.


Have a return air ticket or financial proof of having sufficient funds to purchase a return air fare; you agree to hold medical and comprehensive hospitalization and liability insurance to remain in force throughout your stay in the HKSAR.


We provide a one stop service to help you with everything for your trip, from visa applications to cheap travel, from finding a job to finding and confirmed accommodation – all you have to do is turn up to the airport


Hong Kong is...

-- Safe : It is probably the safest city in the world with minimal instances of any violent crime happening in the streets. Many policemen are in plain clothes guiding the city, you won’t even know they are there!


-- Freedom : If it’s not illegal, you can do anything you feel here. In fact you can open a nice cold beer and have a chat with a policeman – legally! People here are kind-natured, so no late night bar fights after enjoying the local brew!


-- Tourism : With 54 million tourists coming to Hong Kong annually, giving small businesses a major economy boost around the season there is always an interesting mix of people to meet( and more job opportunities for you ! )


-- Public Friendly: VERY convenient. Shops, transport are everywhere.

Welcome to Hong Kong.